Wood Pergola Kits – Perfect for Patio Covers or a Garden Trellis

Whether in the garden or covering the patio, wood pergola kits are a quick and easy way to bring style with a natural touch to your backyard. The elegant and graceful lines of a pergola’s structure can really impact the visual aesthetic of your home and garden. Because of how it will draw the eye, making sure it looks right is very important.

In outdoor environments, wooden structures fit in so beautifully. Their grain, color, and texture meld into the surroundings and help soften the artificial lines of the structure. This is one area where wood has an advantage over most other materials. It can be difficult to match the look of vinyl or metal structures to the natural feel of your yard and garden, but wood fits right in.

Of course there are some disadvantages to wooden structures. Rot and termites can attack wood that isn’t protected. Understanding what types of wood will look best and last longest can go a long way towards ensuring that you get your money’s worth from the pergola kit you choose.

Are Cheap Pergola Kits Worth the Cost?

A Design for a Pergola over a Hot Tub Deck

A Free Pergola Design in 3D Warehouse

When looking at all the plans, designs and kit pergolas for sale, it can be very enticing to go for the cheaper options. The cheapest pergola kits can be several times less expensive than the designer pergolas that can cost thousands of dollars.

In general though, you do get what you pay for. Lower price will mean lower quality of components. Of course, part of what you are getting with the very expensive kits is the exclusivity of having something most other people won’t. This isn’t generally a good investment with a wooden pergola kit, as the unique look of the wood is going to ensure that no two pergolas end up looking alike.

A good compromise is to look for high quality kits that aren’t carrying a high priced designer label. The most important thing is going to be that the wooden components of the kit are made from weather and pest resistant wood, and that they have been fabricated to fit together snuggly. Loose joints in a pergola can spell disaster, as there is no exterior shell to help stiffen things up.

A wobbly pergola can be a real eyesore, as the main visual appeal of the structure is the parallel lines in most designs. For that reason it is very important that the wood pergola kits you consider have been manufactured to exacting standards.