Wedding Gazebos

For a wedding gazebo you’re going to need to make some considerations that you wouldn’t have to make with a typical arbor or archway. This is simply because usually these items are much more enclosed and sometimes they can have trellises. If you have a small wedding party or just a group of guests that can all fit inside the gazebo then this is ideal.

However, if your gazebo has stairs up to it then this means that everyone who’s actually going to see the wedding is going to be much further away than they would typically be. It might also call for having to get a microphone system so your guests can hear you properly. You also want to make sure that your guests can see you through all of the trellises. This is why it might be appropriate for other parts of your ceremony, such as a place to put your guest book or your wedding cake where just a few people can walk by at a time. Otherwise you’ll need to worry about the photographer actually being able to see and access you.

It can be tempting to use Christmas decorations for your wedding decor just because it is so cheap and sparkly. However, usually your guests could tell that it is made for Christmas. You should always stock up on lights during this season but make sure that they’re the right kind of lights. You could outline the entire perimeter of the gazebo in patio string lights or LED versions for more of a sleek and modern look. Stay away from icicle lights and any kind of oversized vintage styles or colorful options. Instead you want mini light bulbs or just the basic white version. This also has dual purposes because you can even use it later on in your own Christmas decor after your wedding is over.

These lights also come in handy for wrapping around the posts or even in and out of the trellises. Just be careful because these items are going to create a lot of wires and a need for electrical outlets and just like at Christmas time you need to ensure that you don’t overload the circuit. White lights seem to be a lot more chic even if you can find different Christmas lights in your actual wedding colors. It usually almost always screams that it’s from the holidays too much. Even if you can find purple or pink strands I find that the white look is just much more elegant and understated. You don’t want to draw too much attention to the wire, so hopefully you can only plan around the architecture of your gazebo. If you have white wires and a white post then it won’t be as noticeable. If you have a wood structure then look for darker green or brown string lights.

I like to see bigger statements or unusual materials with this gazebo decor just because usually you’re going to need to decorate it on every side depending on where it is placed in your venue or your backyard. This means if you’re going with fabric you’re going to need a lot of fabric. Either pick a really cheap fabric like tulle or get sheer white curtains that can even be ready made. You might even have some in your attic that you could clean up. Just make sure that they are long enough. I like to see more of a column effect on a gazebo where it goes all the way from the top of the post and then pools onto the ground for more of an opulent effect. This way you also won’t have to worry about hemming these curtains as long as you can tuck the unfinished edges underneath. You also might want to secure them by fixing it directly to your gazebo or weighing it down with a rock as long as it’s not noticeable because these sheer fabrics will really blow around in the window a lot.

There are also some ways to decorate the inside of the gazebo. Depending on the height, you could hang a lot of paper lanterns. This is a popular decoration for patio decor and also for ballroom decor. However, if you don’t have a freestanding structure outside you can still make use of this for your first dance even if you can’t fit all of your guests inside the gazebo. For the first dance they will just be standing around watching. Any kind of kissing ball hanging from a ribbon is a very popular and casual style and there are even wicker or flower ball versions that you can create yourself depending on the levels of crafts that you want to take on. This is better for a modern style of wedding where I like to see the paper lanterns a lot more. Plus, the gazebo itself helps to protect some of these delicate items.