A pergola is a beautiful addition to your yard where the structural components themselves provide the aesthetic appeal. Pergolas are a type of gazebo, usually found without a cover. Much like a gazebo, a pergola can provide a central meeting place, as well as make a visual statement for your home, yard, and garden. Given the impact a pergola can have, getting it right is of utmost importance.

At you can find the resources you need to do it the right way the first time. We are always adding new designs and plans for pergolas, as well as ideas as to how to incorporate a pergola into your yard in such a way as to maximize it’s beauty and usefulness.

Pergola Plans

If you’re the Do-It-Yourself type then this section is for you. Here you will find a myriad of pergola plans, design ideas, blueprints, instructions, and kits available to build your very own pergola. Even if you don’t plan on building a pergola yourself, you can learn a lot about design features and what to look for in a kit or from a builder.

Pergola Photos

Looking for color schemes or designs but not sure where to start? Well a quick look at the pictures and drawings of pergolas in this section is sure to excite your imagination an get you well on your way to owning a beautiful new pergola of your own.

Pergola Uses

Understanding how pergolas can add value to your yard is very important. This section is for those who want to really get the most out of their existing pergola, or want to make sure to allow for that functionality in a new design.

Pergola Styles

While there are essentially countless different pergola design possibilities, for the most part they fall into a few different categories. These broad style definitions can help you get a feel for the more common design features that will set your pergola apart from all the rest.

Pergola Shapes

Sometimes that plain old rectangular pergola just doesn’t offer the visual appeal you’re looking for. Here you can see the various shapes that pergolas can be found in.

Pergola Materials

As important as the shape and style of your pergola, the materials it is comprised of can have wide-ranging impacts. Find how the choice of materials for your pergola will impact the design possibilities, functionality, and aesthetics of your project.

Pergola Components

Pergolas are relatively simple structures with just a few structural components. This can be deceptive though, as there are a lot of subtle differences in these components that can drastically change how your pergola will look and function. Find what you need to know here, so you won’t be caught off guard later on.

Pergola Accessories

Once your pergola is finished, you can keep adding features and products to increase it’s functionality and beauty. Knowing the possibilities covered in this section is a great way to ensure that when shopping for or building a pergola that you accommodate future additions rather than paint yourself into a corner.

Pergola Brands

With so many different types of pergolas and different ways to buy and build them, keeping suppliers and manufacturers straight can be confusing. In this section you will find reviews and commentary on some of the more well known companies which offer pergolas or related building services.

Pergola Prices

The cost of a pergola can vary tremendously depending on various factors. With such a wide range of possible prices, it’s good to understand how to judge the actual worth of the pergola. In this section you will find comparisons of prices on similar products, as well as information about how to compare between entirely different pergola builds or products.