Gazebo Curtains

Gazebo curtains are going to be used the most often on metal gazebos. This allows you to take an inexpensive wrought iron gazebo that you install yourself and give it more of a permanent appearance in your yard just through the use of curtains. Outdoor fabrics tend to be plainer and more expensive than what you’d find in interior design. This makes sense because you need to get more durable fabric choices and they need to be fitted to your existing gazebo structure.

Hanging Systems

The hanging system that you choose for your gazebo just depends on whether you’re going to open and close it often. You can choose more stationary panels just for decoration. Sheer panels work well for this. This might just use a Velcro hanging system.

Another system can use metal grommets. Just like with all of the other outdoor materials you need to choose quality metals that won’t rust. Grommet systems look modern. It has a metal ring built right into the curtain instead of a traditional rod pocket. I’ve also found that these open and close quiet easily as well.

Outdoor Fabrics

You should pick an outdoor fabric dependent on the area where you live. This could be really durable such as a PVC material or even a treated cotton or polyester. You may need to bring these into your home during the winter. You need a fabric that is both mold and mildew resistant which is the biggest problem with outdoor fabrics.

Gazebo Designs

You’ll also want to take the actual design of your gazebo into consideration when choosing curtains. You might choose a gazebo for its intricate trellis or lattice work on the posts. You’ll usually pay much more money for these features too. In this case look for sheer style curtains. This will be purely decorative; although some mosquito screens mimics this pretty effectively. Just make sure the fabric doesn’t cover up the architecture that you spent extra money on.

Gazebo Curtain Transformations

You can take a basic iron gazebo with neutral color top and transform it depending on the style of gazebo curtains you use. The most important fabric element is the top and where you want to spend the most of your money. The canopy is what is going to provide you with shade and protection from wind. It’s also the most difficult piece to find and fit for your specific type of gazebo so usually you want to start off with this piece.

If you want a true canopy look then you just need to match the top of your gazebo to the replaceable curtains. This gives you more of the appearance of one piece but it’s easier to install. Plus, you can get a wider variety of fabric and color choices and use different materials too.

Sheer curtains are a great look for outdoor use and probably the most aesthetically pleasing. However, usually you need heavier canvas weights to actually be practical. You can choose sheer curtains for the sides and if the screen is small enough it can even help protect you from bugs. If you want to showcase the ironwork of your gazebo or see the scrollwork designs you can choose sheer curtains to show them off.

You can take the same gazebo but get a totally different look that still matches a plain taupe top. For more of a tropical look you can find bright orange sheer curtains. A more modern style uses heavier weight curtains in gray designs too.

Little details actually go a long ways in the great outdoors. It’s not just the curtain panels themselves that are a chance to set themselves apart. You can also look for more intricate canopy tops. This uses a Greek key design which is a fretwork border usually in two contrasting colors. This adds an architectural element through the fabric instead of having other architectural details on the actual structure.

A scalloped canopy is the most feminine style. If you want a shabby chic effect and you just have a darker metal gazebo then going with more ornate canopies and curtain panels is a must. If you have an event then you have a much bigger variety of fabric choices available to you. You can get interior curtain panels as long as you can hang them easily like tie designs. Just make sure you take them into the house before the weather changes.

Sometimes it’s not the fabric you choose but the volume. Typically fuller curtain panels look more expensive and you also want to consider the weight of them when using fabrics outside. You may need to anchor them down with tie backs depending on the weather. If you have a hexagonal gazebo then this requires more than the typical four curtain panels. Skip patterns for this design because the sheer volume of curtains for this type of gazebo makes a statement all by themselves.