Outdoor Bamboo Shades

It’s ironic that bamboo shades are considered one of the more durable porch treatments because it probably isn’t bamboo at all in most cases. If you have a covered porch or just a sunroom to protect this then it can still be an acceptable use. However, most manufacturers recommend that bamboo never be wet.

While I’ve never had bamboo shades I have had a bamboo rug outdoors and it only lasted for a few years. It became completely discolored and pretty disgusting too. While it always looks great in designer magazines, depending on the weather, it really doesn’t hold up that well. However, the look is so popular that we see it in tons of different materials, and even man made versions try to mimic this look.

Always check the tag when buying these window treatments. Many of them, if they even have natural materials in them at all, may be made out of eucalyptus instead of bamboo. It probably looks close to the same but it might be stained or dyed. It also will have a wider range of color palettes than plain bamboo.

Bamboo shades are practical for a lot more than just using around a pergola or on your windows. It’s a way to get a lot of natural material fairly inexpensively and it’s already woven together for you. This can be an accent piece that you staple onto planters. You will need to finish the edges with molding and stain it to match as well.

This type of woven material is popular for most textures. You’re going to find faux versions on everything from rugs to even drinking glasses. If you don’t want to choose one theme then going with this material still unifies your space and makes for some fun DIY projects. Typically, you think that bamboo is very tropical in feeling. While this is true if you use mosquito netting or gazebo curtains it can also be quite modern. Instead of a lot of fabric, even in interior design, the modern and contemporary aesthetics tend to use more natural materials like bamboo and sisal. The other reason that this is so successful is because it tends to have small flecks of black. This matches any metal pieces of outdoor furniture that you may own too.

For your bamboo shades, you don’t have a lot of choices with pattern and color like you would with other window treatments. Instead, you’re going to be stuck choosing between two styles. The first is a Roman shade. This is a foldup style of shade and the most sophisticated design. It’s going to be slightly more expensive as well.

The next style is actually a roller bamboo shade. When dealing with outdoor spaces ease of use and durability is probably going to be your first consideration. It might not be as big of a priority when decorating indoors. Also, you’re going to be using several of these pieces, especially if you want to create a covered porch effect. Make sure that you get hanging mechanisms that are sturdy and also consider how often you are going to open and close them when trying to pinpoint the right price range.

Usually, bamboo shades create privacy or add more of a sidewall effect to a pergola. I have seen grass matting used on the top of a pergola for shade but I have a lot of concerns about this. Not only does it need to withstand all of the elements of mold and mildew there’s other safety concerns. Also be aware that you need to be careful whenever you barbecue; especially if you’ve been doing DIY projects in the backyard. This material can get extremely dry. It does make an inexpensive covering for a fun outdoor reception or party, but it probably isn’t the best for year round use.

One way to spruce up these shades is to add in outdoor curtains. Bamboo shades or faux versions tend to be much less expensive than outdoor fabric and much easier to find too. It’s also more neutral but you may be missing some bold colors.

These layered window treatments are popular in interior design. Many people are using bamboo shades options instead of your typical sheers for more of a casual feeling they’re also much cheaper. You can replicate the same look outdoors. You’ll have to buy fewer curtain panels which will save you a lot of money. It also allows you to incorporate brighter colors like lime green and orange. The curtain panels can be purely decorative or might hide unsightly pergola posts.

Also the two treatments are preferable because it adds multiple options for shade. You can even create faux curtain panels so you don’t have to worry about all of the grommets that you traditionally would. When pairing these with outdoor drapes your shade can come from the actual bamboo blinds. Be prepared to replace these shades every few years or store them in the house when not in use.