Sheer Curtains for Outdoor Use

The sheer curtains you would use in the outdoors look very similar to what you would see in interior design. However, you will find different fabrics. There might be some overlap such as a polyester fabric that you can find for both uses. However, it might be coated especially if it’s a brighter color. Brighter colors tend to fade quite quickly as do patterns which is why you really need to be concerned with UV protection. Also, it’s not just about how it looks and how it weathers. If you’re using this for sun protection too then read the label to find out specifically how many UV rays each certain kind of fabric blocks out.

The other way that indoor and outdoor sheer curtains differ is actually how you hang them. In interior design there tends to be a rod pocket. This is in keeping with the elegant and traditional lines of the material. However, in exterior design you’ll find more grommet style systems. Clip rings can be another consideration but you need to make sure that they don’t snag the delicate fabric. When you install these in interior design sometimes you have dual rods so that you have more options for keeping it closed. However, when designing your garden you’re going to be pulling these back and forth a lot, which is why it’s so important that they’re easy to open and close as opposed to decorating the inside of your house.

While the fabric looks the same you really can’t take indoor sheers and use them outdoors unless it’s just for a special event or party if you aren’t going to leave them out there very long. You need to find pieces that will resist mildew and mold. Some of these are even machine washable too. I’ve noticed a big trend in outdoor curtains that resemble a lot of interior fabrics. You might even have to dry clean these panels. While it definitely gives you a designer look sometimes dry cleaning can be as much or more than you spent for the individual panel. Since sheer fabrics are the cheapest outdoor treatment you want to make sure that the cleaning process is similarly inexpensive.

Any time you need a lot of sheer fabric look for this style of curtain. Of course, it might have a special UV coating which will make it inappropriate for certain crafts or DIY projects. However, if you had a wedding and you needed a lot of sheer fabric inexpensively then shop for these items at during the fall, when they are deeply discounted. Plus, they’re wide enough that you may be able to turn them into table overlays or tablecloths too.

Outdoor fabric is almost always more expensive than interior fabric. This is especially true if you’re going with a name brand company like Sunbrella. Some of these companies have patents on the type of fabric or they don’t even list exactly what it’s made out of because they want to protect their trade secrets. However, other options like a voile curtain can provide you with many of the same benefits at a much cheaper price tag. It might not last as long though. This lets you change out your color palette more often.

This can also be one of the more delicate fabrics so you need to make sure that it’s weighted properly. You don’t want it tearing or ripping in the wind. Also make sure that it’s heavy duty enough that your pergola design doesn’t snag the fabric. I’ve read some reviews where it’s been stated that inexpensive sheers have helped to cut down on mosquitoes. Many of these pieces were originally designed for tropical climates as mosquito netting. This is where the idea of canopies around beds originated. It would make sense that this type of fabric still works well for this use, even though now a lot of people are just using it because it is so beautiful. It might not be as effective as having custom-made screens, but it definitely is much cheaper and more romantic looking.

With indoor/outdoor products usually these are more delicate than pieces that are made solely for the outdoors. If you have sheer curtains then I would probably bring them in during the winter season. Also before you store them make sure that they aren’t damp just so that they don’t mold or mildew while in storage.

Sometimes you’d rather have more of a medium weight fabric. I found that in outdoor fabrics, you usually have a choice between a canvas weight, which is very heavy, as well as a sheer option. Look for unlined curtains. When these have the sun streaming through them it appears sheer. This is going to be more of a medium weight and it’s definitely cheaper than canvas options. It allows you to get a lot of prints and patterns that you wouldn’t usually find in your typical sheer fabric, but it still has a pretty lightweight feeling outdoors. The sheer curtains add romance and functionality to must outdoor spaces.